Our Friday morning

I found this huge bug in the sink when I woke up

We got up really early to go the this bike store’s grand opening near us. They were giving the first 100 people $20 gift cards!

The loot we got today! We get to go back Saturday and Sunday and do it all again 🙂

We finished our morning with a trip to the dog park

Kennesaw Mountain Battlefield Park Hike

We had a blast today on this hike. It was so beautiful with the meandering trail winding its way through the thick shaded forest as butterflies weaved through the trees and the birds sang above. We got to get our toe shoes wet as we crossed several crystal clear streams. Penny enjoyed meeting other dogs and she got lots of comments about her nifty backpack. I even found my first Georgia lizards!! We can’t wait to go back!

Anolis carolinensis

We made our own shoes!

We ordered the laces and the thin rubber sole material online, traced our feet, cut them out, and attached everything ourselves. An inexpensive and fun twist on the barefoot shoe-completely custom! They are also known as “huaraches.” We are going to continue to run our “couch to 5k” in them.