If Sharell Won the Lottery . . .

If I won $1,000,000:

Pay off all of my family’s and my own debts and loans
Buy everyone in my family new cars and computers
Remodel my parent’s kitchen and finally get them a dishwasher!
Give enough money to my parents so they can retire
Get my dad a new Jacuzzi
Get Kori a sweet camera and lens, and money for school
Get the best health insurance for me, my family, and pets
Have Penny get another eye surgery
Let Robby build his dream fish aquarium
Random acts of kindness (giving care packages out to the homeless, donate to animal shelters)
Save a dog from a high kill shelter
Go on a shopping trip with my mom and sister
Go on a great vacation with my family
Go on a vacation with my friends
Buy the best painting supplies
Put some aside to have an awesome wedding someday
Get some new fun toys like a telescope, kayaks, cameras, and skis
Invest the rest for future fun and retirement

If I won $10,000,000:

All items from $1M and (or instead of if applicable)
Buy a house and decorate it, complete with an art studio with an awesome view
Let Robby, Kori, and my mom and dad pick out houses wherever they want
Set money aside for Casey’s medical school
Remodel my parent’s house in SB
Let my grandparents retire
Buy the house below Casey’s grandparent’s house in Lee Vining and let his grandfather knock it down!
Let my mom build her own dog park
Eat only the best, organic, healthy food
Donate to Santa Barbara Scholarship Foundation, cancer research, sponsor children in Africa, donate supplies to fight malaria, do anything I can to raise the water level of Mono Lake.
Give presents to favorite past teachers
Go to a bunch of concerts and fancy dates with Casey
Save for my children’s education
Travel the world and do a lot of things on my bucket list

If I won $50,000,000:

All items from $10M and (or instead of if applicable)
Donate to wildlife conservation organizations
Buy a bunch of land and create a wildlife preserve
Donate to UC Davis and pay to remodel their Arboretum
Buy vacation homes all over the world
Give close family friends a large surprise gift

If I won $100,000,000:

All items from $50M and (or instead of if applicable)
Have my family buy vacation houses
Donate to animal shelters, medical research programs, and herpetology centers all over the world

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