Family Reunion!


We had a family reunion with my mom’s side of the family at Tucker’s grove. Many people hadn’t seen each other in years-there were many hugs going around._MG_6996

Cousin catch up time.


Patrick surprised us all and flew in from Indiana!pp_MG_7068mr_MG_7150frca_MG_7117_MG_7038

Getting the grandkid time in!_MG_7034

Kim loves being a

Kaireyah was getting lots of love!

Our picnic tables were set with plenty of flowers and food.P1020496amsb wm_MG_7182

Jackson approved!_MG_7041

After lunch, it was time for games!ba

The bats were a big hit!_MG_7108

Kayson, the little slugger!_MG_7084

Casey was teaching Larry about frisbee golf. _MG_7143_MG_7112jebbhs

We were right next to the horseshoe pits._MG_7125_MG_7156What a good looking family! 🙂

Lee Vining Trip 2014


Fueling up for a week of fun!lt

We helped “un-winterize” the house, taking boards off the windows and cleaning up

Penny supervised while we tended to the

Their woodpile is the perfect lizard hotel. Check out the eggs in the gravid female on the left!


Showing off for me 🙂

Love the wildlife up there!20140601_111544

We walked down to Lee Vining Creek, which took us along a trail to the visitor’s center.20140602_162101P1020104wu

We went several times, and found this treasure!P1020106The water was really flowing in the creek!

We worked up an appetite for Mono Cone.pp

Meanwhile, Penny was living the mountain dog

We took a trip towards Mammoth and visited Devils Post Pile._MG_6510

It is a columnar hexagonal basalt formation caused by the cooling of lava!ddp

Penny is such an adventure dog.


Here we are on the top, you can see the hexagonal shape of the rock.kc

On a bridge overlooking Soda Springs Meadow.sss copy

Such a pretty place!ss


We stopped at Starkweather Lake on the way out.


Penny loved splashing around in it.P1020109

A view of the jagged Minarets.20140604_151623

We found this old lime kiln one day when we were out scoofin’.20140604_152045

Doing what we do best-wandering around in nature.20140604_155257

Picnic time!


The Lundy Lake beaver pond.20140604_164135

Too gorgeous.20140604_133521

We went out shooting one day. Penny was the supervisor. sh cs gt20140604_141048

Casey beat us

We headed out with Casey’s grandpa one day to go to Saddlebag Lake.hp

It was a day of 6 miles of hiking at 10,000 feet._MG_6647

I carried Penny across the shale and snow for the first _MG_6655


Papa brought little Aivary’s book and wore her footprint shirt <3P1020147 _MG_6689 20140605_132416

Papa making an offering at Steelhead lake

_MG_6670s _MG_6707s _MG_6720s _MG_6729s _MG_6732s _MG_6739s _MG_6754s _MG_6765s _MG_6767s _MG_6776s _MG_6783s


Visiting his grandfather’s old cabin. Gus Hess is the “father of Lee Vining” and used to work in the mines back here.

_MG_6784s _MG_6804s _MG_6805s us_MG_6808s _MG_6824s

Mt. Dana looking stormy on the drive back.20140606_130443

We headed to Mammoth for a day and loved this sign._MG_6843

Tufa time!_MG_6840

These formations are found around Mono Lake. _MG_6826

The towers form when underwater, calcium rich springs mix with carbonate rich lake water. 

This reaction forms limestone and over time, the buildup forms the towers. P1020156

The tufa became exposed when the water level of Mono Lake dropped.  _MG_6873s

_MG_6881 P1020161cP1020167 ts



Papa giving us a goodbye blessing.


The whole gang!


Until next time! What a wonderful trip!

_MG_6899s“Going to the mountains is going home.” -John Muir