Uncork a Cure

Casey volunteered at the ARCA (AIDS Research Consortium of Atlanta) 21st annual fundraiser tonight. Doesn’t he look great?


More photos from the event:

The venue! (The Foundry at Puritan Mill)

Setting up wine before the event.

Silent auctioned tickets to Zoo Atlanta.

Live auctioned Lance Armstrong maillot jaune.

Silent auctioned Doggie Daycare package.

Amazing (and heavy) live auctioned glass artwork.

And last but certainly not least, live auctioned Justin Bieber autographed 8×10.

Also, Jasmine Guy (Dead Like Me, Vampire Diaries) was there.

Complete the sentence…

Casey’s answers:

I have never . . . skied.
I would love to go to . . . Switzerland.
For breakfast I ate . . . eggs and sausages.
I wish that . . . I will get more than one med school acceptance (having a
choice would be awesome).
Tomorrow I am . . . studying.
My ideal car . . . can transport me to the trailhead.
My dog is . . . under the bed.
I love it when . . . I drink milk.
One of my favorite things about . . . Georgia is trees.
Every time I see . . . someone yawn, I do too.
I rarely ever . . . go on facebook.

Sharell’s answers:

I have never . . . surfed, lied about my birthday to get a free dessert, broken a bone, or eaten at a sushi restaurant.
I would love to go to . . . Costa Rica.
For breakfast I ate . . . honey bunches of oats cereal with organic milk.
I wish that . . . Penny didn’t have eyelashes poking her eyes.
Tomorrow I am . . . going to paint!
My ideal car . . . is blue and has room for dogs.
My dog is . . . the cutest little thing you ever did see!
I love it when . . . I have accomplished everything I wanted for the day.
One of my favorite things about . . . summer is strawberry shortcake.
Every time I see . . . a spider inside the house, I catch it and take it outside.
I rarely ever . . . buy something at a craft store without a coupon.

What are yours?

When in Rome…

. . . mountain bike! Today we went for our first mountain bike ride at Longleaf Trail nestled behind the gorgeous Berry College campus (the largest campus in the world at 26,000 acres!) in Rome, GA. We ended up riding 7.5 miles.

There were a bunch of caterpillars crawling around in this!


Day 3 Free Swag!

Today was the last day of the bike store grand opening promotion where the first 100 people got $20. We got there bright and early and got some awesome stuff all for free! Casey got the grand prize when he spun the prize wheel-fancy new sunglasses! And I won $20 on the prize wheel overall. We also ended up getting the brake cable housing Casey needs to redo the new brakes on his mountain bike, and a new Camelbak! We were also entered to win both a new road bike and mountain bike. We can’t wait to hit the trails 🙂

Our Friday morning

I found this huge bug in the sink when I woke up

We got up really early to go the this bike store’s grand opening near us. They were giving the first 100 people $20 gift cards!

The loot we got today! We get to go back Saturday and Sunday and do it all again 🙂

We finished our morning with a trip to the dog park