Floyd Fest!

floydfest-siteFloyd Fest is an annual music festival that takes place in the middle of the mountains.

IMG_20150724_202410534lhWe came to see Lord Huron, one of our favorite bands play on the main stage. We got there just in time to enjoy the pink sunset and get close to the stage.


The setting is magical. You are in the middle of a huge forest. You have the option to camp among the trees and stay multiple days. There are 9 music stages and the trees look amazing with the multi-colored lights shining on them. Food vendors and artist’s booths are set up everywhere. Tiki torches and fairy lights twinkle around the trapeze arena, people are walking around on stilts and juggling light up bowling pins, all while bubbles float through the crowds. Too neat!



The show was amazing, we already want to go back!

Driving back to VA



We love Flagstaff, AZ!IMG_4847

We went on an awesome hike while we were in the town.



I thought this rock would be a perfect spot for a snake to shed under, so I checked in the hole…I found one!

flagstaff4While we were on the mountain, the clouds became dark and we heard the loudest thunder right over us. Then it DOWN POURED on us as we ran back down the trail. Too fun!


Wet, tired dog.


Our first time at the Grand Canyon!IMG_4899-1P1020253gc3gc4gc5gc6gc7gc8IMG_4875-1P1020250IMG_4890


The 4 corners: Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah.09coloradocolo0IMG_4908

LOVE Durango, CO!colo1colo2colo5P1020259IMG_4928IMG_4935IMG_4922colo3colo4colo6colo7IMG_4934IMG_4947

We took Brownie on a 4-wheel drive adventure on a windy dirt road to avoid a HUGE accident on the mountain. We avoided the whole stand still and had a fun adventure.10kansas 11missouri 12illinois13kentucky 14tennessee2 15virginia