An eventful morning!

This morning we were awoken at 5 am by a knock on our door and a ringing fire alarm. The large dumpster in our apartment’s parking lot was on fire and someone happened to be out exercising and let us know! Luckily we live next door to the fire department! We also found out that the fire alarm shut off panel is in our water heater closet. We had both the fire fighters and the apartment manager come through our apartment to get out to our water heater closet on our patio, to try to shut off the fire alarm. What a morning!

New Friend?

Lately on our daily walks, Penny has been leading us to her new friend’s house-a cat. Yes, she met a cat last week and really likes going to visit him. The cat walks up to her and they always sniff noises and say hi.

However, tonight was a little different. The heat must have been getting to Mr. Kitty today because he did not seem to love Penny’s excitement to see him, as he normally does. Here is a video of tonight’s meeting: