Tail Chaser 5k


We participated in a dog 5k run that benefited the local SPCA.IMG_20160326_104546493IMG_20160326_104828227IMG_20160326_104732112_TOP

Our pet sitting friends had a booth!IMG_20160326_093644939

And I contributed some dog art to the auction.IMG_20160326_095419784_HDR

Ready, set, …..poop! (that really happened!)IMG_20160326_101239156_TOP IMG_20160326_102528675

(Note the pugs in the stroller)IMG_20160326_103207883_TOP IMG_20160326_103944085

The finish line!IMG_20160326_104146460

Good job Penny! IMG_20160326_105119402 IMG_20160326_131600336 IMG_20160326_131846779

And look who got 3rd place!!!