Sharell Fills in the Blanks Again!

Robby made up his own set of 20 fill in the blank questions so I am going to do those as well! Head on over and check out Robby’s blog post to see his answers.

1. If I didn’t live in California, I would live in Oregon, Colorado, or Costa Rica.

2. I can’t swallow pills and I wish I could.

3. It amazes me how wasteful we are compared to other countries.

4. I don’t understand why people would poison pets on halloween.

5. I want to compete in an art show.

6. Shaycarl always makes me laugh.

7. Commercials with sick children make me super sad.

8. (One of) My favorite artists is Amy Giacomelli.

9. I lie to myself about the fact that I will get things checked off my to-do list TODAY.

10. The world needs more lizards.

11. The world needs less mosquitoes.

12. I would make a horrible physicist.

13. The most daring thing I’ve done recently was walk up a mountain trying to avoid poison oak.

14. My laptop could be greatly improved.

15. I learned this week about how important it is to have insurance.

16. Monkeys are divided into the New World and Old World monkeys; each of which is a monophyletic group, but their combination is not, since it excludes hominoids.

17. I like that my friends are crafty, mellow, and funny.

18. If I went back to 1700 I would teach people about nutrition.

19. Cats and coffee are overrated.

20. Crocs are underrated.

2 thoughts on “Sharell Fills in the Blanks Again!”

  1. You’re just as good as that amy girl. numbers 14 and 16 made me laugh out loud =)I still don’t quite know what 16 means though . . .

    the nutrition one is a really good answer. 20 on the other hand, not so much. I totally feel you on 19. Cats are assholes.

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