The Last Week

Taking baby Lauren to the park.
Fresh pumpkin pie.
Going to see Christmas lights.
Merry Christmas from Boston.
Double rainbow.
Baron howling to Casey playing the accordion.
Our tree.
A gift from me.
Carving the Christmas ham.
Delicious sugar cookies.
Max wanted to sleep in.
Curious horse.
Sweet Pea.
Robby moves home.
Sadie helped open presents.
Rincon Ranch.

Birthday Scavenger Hunt!

So my awesome sister Kori made a scavenger hunt for me to do for my birthday. She gave me 26 clues that led me to taking out baking ingredients; then we made sugar cookies, she led me to the park; and we took Christmas themed pictures, she had me dancing to T swift, playing Pictionary, doing her makeup blindfolded, and she is even going to wash my car and take me out to our fave nom spot-Backyard Bowls! Yay! Thank you Kori for a fun, creative afternoon 🙂

Robby Graduates From Cal Poly!

In front of his house

Proud parents!

Proud sisters!

Some of Robby’s friends and roommates 

Thanking his teachers and veterans 
On stage!

The turning of the tassel ceremony

We had an amazing dinner at A.J. Spurs in Grover Beach
We are so proud of you Robby! You have achieved so much success already and we know you will go on to do great things. We love you!

Oh The Things We Say . . .

Want to find out who said which weird quote? Here are the answers! It was fun seeing what you all guessed 🙂

Casey said:
#2 “I would still love you even if you only had nine toes.”
#3 “It’s not about the bike. That’s what I always say about photography.”
#4 “I feel like such a hipster. I saw Colbie Caillat before she was famous.”
#7 “Sometimes I am more tired than I could be.”
#10 “I am the snail whisperer.”

Sharell said:
#1 “That bird just ran into that life jacket trap!”
#5 “Did I rub my ear in all the way?”
#6 “I am still coughing up bubbles!”
#8 “McDonalds is giving me spiders.”
#9 “Do I have a lash in my left ball?!”

Who Said It?!

Game time! 
Here are 10 odd/silly/weird/non sense phrases that have popped out of either Casey or I’s mouth over the last few months. Try to guess who said what by making a list for each of us with the corresponding numbers for each phrase. Once three people have commented with their guesses, the answers will be revealed. Good luck!