Frolf time!

Before we left to play frolf, we gave Penny a dose a flea and tick oil which means she can’t get that area wet or have a bath for a couple days while it soaks in. Well, she must have heard that she wouldn’t be getting a bath because boy oh boy, was she naughty!

IMG_20160405_140942184 IMG_20160405_141644253 IMG_20160405_142241523

This is her favorite place to go and we let her run loose since not many people were around and it is wide open. She took every opportunity to get dirty. Thanks Penny. IMG_20160405_144711035 IMG_20160405_144728919

She rolled in deer poop. She charged into the algae water. She found a dead skunk (I’ll save you the grossness of that picture!). Needless to say, she got a bath. IMG_20160405_145446057_TOP IMG_20160405_145522350 IMG_20160405_145535599 IMG_20160405_145701261IMG_20160405_152919018

And then she passed out hard!