Tid Bits

A few random tid bits of info for you . . .

Casey and I have been to REI 3 times this week. Let’s just say someone needs to check Goldie’s roof for water bottles before driving away. Cough. ♥. Plus we are gearing up for our backpacking adventure in March.

I could stare at the Anthropology window displays forever. LOVE them.

Penny got to help us train a cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel yesterday. Here she is sitting all cute past the flagged electronic boundary to act as a temptation:

My Dad and I ask each other trivia questions when we are at work. He has been stumping me a lot this week. Who would have guessed that 1 out of 50 doctors are fake?!

Casey is taking a nutrition class at SBCC this semester and he has his first test tonight!

I ate 3 donuts yesterday.

I broke out my water color paints again and am having fun playing around with them. Here is today’s doodle:

Our Trip to Georgia

This last week Casey and I got back from a trip to visit Casey’s family in Georgia. But this time we got to fly instead of drive there and back! Woo hoo!

We visited one of our favorite hiking trails. Met the new pup in the family-Jazzy. Ate at our beloved Steak n Shake. And did a lot of catching up and card playing 🙂

Lobo! I missed this little guy!

Sweet Jazzy
Thank you to Casey’s family back east for a great trip!

The Answers!

And the winner of “Who Said It . . . Take 2” is . . . 
Good job everyone, here are the answers:

#2 “The peeing is the chicken!”
#3 “Your eggs fell in the most delicious dirt.”
#5 “Whole Foods is the egg.”

#1 “I’m glad I have a love line.”
#4 “Remember when we used to sit on the couch? Those were the days.”
#6 “The phantom tail feeling-I know it well.”

We are weird, I know.