Time Flies!

I came across a picture of Casey and I watching the 4th of July fireworks from 3 years ago! It’s crazy to compare it to our pic from this year!

Davis Greenbelt Park, 2009

Santa Barbara Rose Garden, 2012
Do you think we look older or different now?

Our House

So a few weeks ago we got a letter in the mail from a local watercolor artist, Joanna Benedict. In the letter she explained how she has undertaken a series of paintings for an exhibition entitled ‘Santa Barbara Homes, 1817-2011.’ She said that she admires our house and chose to paint it for the upcoming show!Β 
She sent us a picture of our house painted, which is now on our fridge. Her collection can be seen in the West Gallery of the Santa Barbara Public Library from January 3-30, 2013. How cool is that?! I wonder who is going to buy this painting and having it hanging on their wall forever!