Casey’s Prized Writing Award Ceremony!

Tonight was the award ceremony for the winners of the UC Davis Prized Writing contest and Casey was one of the honored winners! He wrote a paper titled “The Disadvantages of Shod Running for Modern Humans.” He is one of a small group of people that are now published in the 2009-2010 Prized Writing book, and there were over 300 entries! He even got $200 in addition to his certificate and publication! Congrats Casey, we are so proud of you!

You can read his article HERE.

Can you find him on the cover of the book?

My first mountain bike trail ride!

We tried to go to a beginner’s trail but there was a mountain biking race going on. We decided to go to a nearby trail in Auburn called the Foresthill Divide Loop. It was pretty tough, but I managed to do it! We went 9 miles today. It is a lot harder than it looks! At the top we met someone who had done an Ironman and the Leadville ultramarathon race!

The American River is right next to it and floating down it on inner tubes seemed like a good plan to me….maybe next time 🙂