Meanwhile, in Roanoke…


We survived our first real snow storm! Here is our front yard deep in snow, poor Goldie!rs

I still had many dog visits everyday, so I did a lot of shoveling. I only got stuck a few times. We got over 8 inches one day!IMG_1683

Staying warm inside.pb

We took Penny to play by Casey’s school. She LOVED the snow!IMG_1610

Fetch in the blizzard? Sure!IMG_1599


IMG_1809Our town sold out of snow shovels early, so when we got our hands on some, we had the best looking driveway on the block 🙂

Poor Penny


Our poor Penny broke her dewclaw during a fetch session so off to the vet we went. She had to be sedated in order to get it cut, so she was in the twilight zone when we picked her up.c IMG_1360

“Why do I have to wear this bag on my foot when I go outside?!”

(She is all healed and back to playing fetch again)