Why hello there Mr. Snake!

Crotalus oreganus helleri – Southern Pacific Rattlesnake

Today my dad and I saved this beauty while we were at work. Someone from the construction crew was going to kill him so we stepped in and said we would take him away. We carefully scooped him up on the end of a long rake and plopped him into an empty trashcan. We taped the lid closed and took him home. After a few pictures and a good freak out from my mom, we are going to take him up into the mountains where he can not bite any dogs or people and let him go. It was a good day!

Here we are about to let him go!

I knew my snake hook would come in handy one day!


I Madonnari

This weekend we went to the 26th annual Italian street painting festival at the Santa Barbara Mission. There were some amazing works of art and it was fun to see them progress over the three days. Robby came home to visit so we took the dogs to the bluffs afterward. What a beautiful weekend it was!

Solar Eclipse!

Did you guys see the eclipse today?! All you had to do was poke a pin hole in one paper and hold it up so the light coming through the hole shines on a second paper. Since the moon was blocking part of the sun, instead of a circle of light, it was a crescent shape! Pretty neat! Can’t wait for the Total Eclipse in June! The sky will get even darker and eerier than today!

Car Show!

We all walked down State St. this morning to check out all the neat cars. These people put so much time and money into these and it is neat to see pics of the car before it was worked on. I also enjoyed seeing all the cute dogs being walked on State St. too 🙂

Kori’s Prom!

As I type this on Sunday afternoon, Kori is sound asleep in bed because she had her prom last night! Here are some pictures from yesterday afternoon. She looked SOO beautiful-the hair, makeup, and dress were stunning! It definitely does not seem like 7 years ago when I went to my prom, time sure does fly! Soon she will be graduating high school! Ahh!
P.S. Although Kori got home at 6am, she woke up at 8:30am to go to the car show downtown with all of us! haha! This girl loves her old cars!