His new cast iron skillet.

Boy oh boy has he been waiting for this day. Casey has been longing for his own cast iron skillet for a long time now. This weekend he finally got one. He thoroughly researched how to properly “season” the pan and can’t wait to cook his eggs and meat in it. He sanded down the inside surface of the metal today to make it super smooth. Then began the repetitive seasoning process of heating it in the oven and adding flax seed oil to make a non-stick surface.

Embarrassing side note: I have been told by his mother that he used to sleep with odd items like hammers, pans, and other tools when he was young. I think he would bring this skillet to bed with him if he could. 🙂

Montana de Oro Trip

Today we headed up north to visit Robby and take a trip to Montana de Oro nearby. It was so beautiful and the weather was perfect! Robby brought along his friend’s dog, Packer, for the trip who we all loved. We had a picnic lunch right near a stream, climbed to the top of a huge rock overlooking the ocean, and went for a short hike through a eucalyptus forest that led to the rocky beach. What a fun day!

Happy Father’s Day!

To my wonderful, hard-working father,
You are such a good example of someone who always does their best, even if no one but you will ever know. I admire your perfectionism and ability to kindly deal with people, even in frustrating circumstances. You have taught me so much and I look up to you all the time. I appreciate you so much! I love you!
Relax today! You deserve it!

It’s Official!

Casey got a job here in SB! He is really excited to be working in the medical field again and is ready to be trained in some new areas. All the hard work and long hours of filling out applications paid off! I am so proud of you! I guess that means I better go under the house and dig out your old scrubs! But that also means we get to stay in SB for couple more years 🙂

Meet Kopi!

My Dad and I are always on the look out for herps while we are at work; we got super lucky one day and found this handsome guy!

Lampropeltis getula californiae -CA Kingsnake
And since Casey is a hockey fan, his favorite team is the LA Kings, and the Stanley Cup is currently on, we named him after one of their players, Anze Kopitar, “Kopi.” How cute is he?!