Snake Surprise!


I have been exercising and training this beautiful Aussie, Indie, for the last two weeks. We often go on morning hikes at one of my favorite local spots. (Check out this post on my pet blog for more adorable pictures of Indie and our adventures together!)

But on the last two days, I came across these two awesome snakes! First was the beefy gopher snake, then came the king snake! I moved them off the path so they wouldn’t get caught by any dogs or stepped on, and Indie and I went on our way 🙂sn

On the Alley

otaOn the rare occasion that everyone is home at dinner time, sometimes we like to head to the harbor for a dinner treat. We often hit up “On the Alley,” one of our favorite local restaurants by the harbor. The pork tacos are oh so yummy!

uThat night there were fishermen unloading thousands of urchins off of their boats and hauling them up onto the docks by the net full. They had several large truck loads stacked full of urchin crates. After a walk down to the breakwater, spotting a heron night fishing, and running into a dear old DogWatch customer, it was time to head back home.

What a nice evening!