Baby Birds!

I found these 2 baby birds at a job site. They must have fallen out of their nest because the horse ranchers set them out behind the horse barn. After watching them for several hours and seeing no mother bird paying any interest in them, I took them home so they wouldn’t become food for something else.
We got them to eat a bunch of worms once they were at our house. They seemed to double in size overnight! We ended up taking them to the Wildlife Care Network the next morning so they could have the best chance of survival. If you ever find an injured or abandoned wild animal in SB, consider taking them here. They help save over 4,000 animals each year! Read more about their organization HERE.


Another One Saved!

I saved this big fatty from the middle of the road. Unfortunately something had just caught her and she dropped most of her tail. I scooped her up and gave her a chance to eat and drink before hiking into a nearby trail and letting her go next to water (and strategically into a poison oak bush!). Hopefully no one else will ever bother her 🙂


A Day in My Life

Ever wonder what a person’s day is like? I do. 
Here are some of the highlights of my “today.”
Wake up at Boston’s house and take care of him. Pick up Ella & Batik and take them on an outing. Head to work with my Dad putting in a DogWatch installation. Put in a ton of wire and conduit on the edge of the mountainside for four hours. Stop for a quick snack-super yummy! Finish up one of the last trenches and put our control panel together. Babysit this cutie for five hours. Head home to make sure Banyan gets settled in ok; he is staying for a week. Head back to Boston’s to spend the night and give him tons of love.
What is a typical day like for you?

We Made it to San Fran!

We made it up to San Francisco for Casey’s AIDS ride. We got him all checked in and registered, so now we are relaxing in our hotel before our 4am wake up tomorrow morning. Ride festivities start at 5am!

If you want to see pictures of the trip as Casey rides, he will be posting on twitter. You can follow him here: Casey’s Twitter. And search #ALC2013 to see tweets and pictures from all the other participants. There are over 3,000 riders this year!

Good luck Casey, I am so proud of you!

P.S. Our hotel room is pretty cool-it even has a dishwasher in the little kitchen area!