Our First Backpacking Trip!

Robby, Casey and I ventured into the mountains over the weekend for our first backpacking trip together. For Robby and myself, it was our first real backpacking trip ever. So we packed up our bags and weighed them before heading out-all of our packs were around 35 pounds. We chose Upper Blue Canyon trail which is off of Gibraltar Rd. in the Santa Barbara mountains. You look to one side and see snow capped mountains towards Santa Ynez. You look to the other side and see Pacific Ocean coastline for miles dotted with paragliders. So picturesque.

It was about 3.8 miles to get from where we parked to where we camped. It was around 1,300 feet in elevation change. Pretty steep!
Our cute camp! We were lucky enough to have a picnic table to use. We spent a lot of the afternoon playing cards.
Putting our water filtration pump to good use
Casey thinks these two Nielsens screaming in the forest are crazy!
The guys trying to start a fire . . .

Our dinner choices

Robby likes his sleep

Oatmeal for breakfast

And eggs!
It was a great trip. It was so peaceful to be away from other people, noise, and electronics for a weekend. We will definitely venture out into the wilderness again!