Taking the dogs out

Penny sticking her head out the car window

Visiting Robby at his new house in SLO

At bubblegum alley!

Robby sticking his gum on the wall

Walking Baron in Ellwood

Dinner with Laura!

letting the tad poles go in the creek

Penny stuck on a rock in the middle of the creek

Going hiking

Dog walk with Allie and Hula

Big crab on the beach

sea urchin and crab leg

Frisbee golf

Goleta beach with Tanda and Richard

on the pier

me and Tanda

I caught a snake!

and a baby turtle!

On a walk around the pond by our place

Graduation weekend!

walking across the stage!

Me and my parents 🙂

Grandpa and Shirli!

Me and Grandma!

with Kori and Robby

with Dad as he wears the “Stole of Gratitude”

Me and Casey!

Robby and Dad

Running wild


Jump for joy!

Looking at the tad poles

got one!

got my toe shoes on!

this one has legs!

sisters 🙂



At the Douglas Preserve

Me and Casey

with Penny!

getting a bath in the driveway for touching poison oak

her first swimming lesson

visiting Robby in SLO

going horseback riding!

Sharell and Kermit cross the creek

me and Kermit

the girls

at the dog beach

Hiking up to Inspiration Point

at the start of the trail

at the top!

Family Reunion!

found a clam at the beach

neat fort

big starfish!

found another one!

it only has 4 legs!


getting frozen yogurt with Tanda!

on the pier

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Casey got me flowers on Valentine’s Day 🙂

We got to go on an exclusive tour of PAWS-the Performing Animal Welfare Society!

Our trip to ARK 2000

getting fed candy while her nails are being trimmed…..she is over 50!

conducting beaver research at a nature preserve

hiking at Lake Barryessa

waiting for my turn to speak

Presenting my turtle research at the Undergraduate Research Conference

someone is ready for the living room camp out!

Penny learns the hair dryer won’t hurt her

Going for a walk at a new park

Opening her Easter eggs

Happy Easter!

She found another one!

searching for eggs on the patio

Our new patio table!

Penny loves her brother Bentley

Helping with the laundry

Playing with Sadie

Me and Penny!


My mom and Kori visit us in the spring and we go to the Sacramento Zoo!

We saw all sorts of cool stuff!

Going into the Herp House! My fave!

Just chillin’

Red Panda!

Me and Kori VS. Casey

caught a newt!

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