My new favorite pastime

So I found some great sites that I thought I would share! I have been really into finding coupons for our grocery shopping trips, finding online deals, and getting freebies. I only clip or print coupons that I know we will use, and do not buy a product just because it is an amazing deal if we do not need it-though it it is very tempting!

Some of my favorite sites that post freebies and have them nicely organized in categories are:

I love getting Penny natural dog treat freebies from those sites!

I have also been reading up on how to use the “bonus dollars” that certain drugstores such as CVS, RiteAid, and Walgreens offers. There are sites that post the best deals of the week for each drugstore and then post coupons that make the deal even better. Some products in the store will be “free” after you get your bonus dollars printed on your receipt. Those offers, combined with coupons, can give you what is called a “money maker.” You just have to get the ball rolling by purchasing an item that will give you the same amount of bonus dollars in return. From then on, adding coupons into the mix, doing multiple transactions, and rolling your bonus dollars to future weeks, you can get SO much free stuff! And these are some of my favorite sites that make it easy and walk you through it:

They also have tips on how to cut down your grocery budget, save money, menu ideas, and links to other helpful sites.

I have also found this site that lists recipes that cost under $5 if you buy items on sale! Who doesn’t like to save money?! Pretty neat!

Also, check out the free entrance days coming up at these National Parks to see if you can go!

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