20 Fill in the Blank Questions: Casey Edition

1. Sausages and eggs are always in my grocery cart.

2. Mondays are time to get back to work.

3. I will not run out of hobbies for a long time.

4. Today at 11am I was playing guitar.

5. My favorite band of the moment is anything Eric Clapton was in.

6. In the past week, the grossest thing that has happened to me is getting blasted by Mandy.

7. I wish guitar books were less expensive.

8. This weekend I am going to do my EMT workbook.

9. The sound of penny’s barking always relaxes me.

10. I haven’t driven a stick-shift in a long time.

11. I can’t wait for tomorrow.

12. Someday I will have a job.

13. Getting an “A” on a midterm is a great feeling.

14. The last dinner I ate was pizza!

15. One of my favorite fast food guilty pleasures is the Sourdough Jack.

16. I am wearing a black “Air” shirt.

17. The last things I bought were a crêpe and a metronome.

18. Two things that made me smile today were telling my Dad about my good midterm grade and talking to my Panda.

19. I didn’t think I would have time to move my car today, but I did!

20. Now it is time to do homework!

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