The first “real” week

20140730_171908Welp, Pandaberry ran out of space so I had to upgrade our data allowance. We have over 500 posts on here! Yikes!

10551737_729284037113595_1129288240849514495_oCasey’s first week of orientation went well. He was gone from before 8am to 5pm everyday. Next week he is at school for fewer hours but will have to study much more while he is at home.

Fun Fact: “The new class is already setting benchmarks. Women make up exactly half the class, a first for the school. The students made the most selective admissions cut in the school’s history. Only 1 percent of the more than 3,500 applicants could matriculate.”


I got my first Roanoke pet sitting client! I am currently watching Tigger, Brutus, and Chloe.


This is kudzu, a climbing vine that kills other plants and trees due to heavy shading. It is very prevalent here.

bb ewCasey and I went to our first baseball game! Salem Red Sox vs. Carolina Mud Cats. Medical students and their families were all invited by the school to attend the game for free. I got to meet a lot of his classmates-it was fun!

20140801_114705My custom wedding ring came! It is a cushion cut natural aquamarine with a halo 🙂

20140802_112450Our couches were finally delivered! woohoo!

20140802_112343I will leave you with this cute picture of Penny because she’s the best.

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