We are NEVER doing this again.

So we were trying to fill our apartment up with furniture since we came with nothing. And Casey is picky about his furniture and likes real wood, none of that MDF particle board stuff. Which means the price is higher of course!

So thrifty me searches Craigslist in hopes of saving some money. I find this small dresser for only $25 which would be perfect for holding my art supplies in my studio. So I ask Casey if we can go pick it up since it is only 1.7 miles away. He tells me to measure the trunk of Goldie and if it will fit, we can go pick it up.

So I grab the tape measurer and run out to Goldie. Our trunk is 18 inches tall! It will fit perfectly I say! So off we go. We easily fid the house and I check out the dresser-solid wood nice. I tell the lady I plan to paint it so the scratches don’t matter to me. So I hand her the money and Casey and I carry the dresser to the car. We unload the drawers into the back seat and proceed to lift the dresser up to the trunk.

Well I forgot to measure the opening of the trunk. The dresser was a 1/4 of an inch too wide. Oops. Well maybe it will fit in the back seat and the drawers can go in the trunk. NOPE. At this point I am getting “the look” from Casey.

I know we have rope in the trunk that my Dad gave us, so I ask if we can tie it to the roof rack. “NO WAY-what if we break the sunroof blah blah blah…” Butย I’m a goob. Andย I proceed to get Penny’s towel out of the back and lay it on the roof of the car and unwind our rope.

[Did I mention this was all during a thunderstorm day and there was a 200 pound LOOSE mastiff trying to help us . . . while Penny was in Goldie?]

Long story short, we made it back the 1.7 miles and neither Goldie or my awesome new dresser were hurt in the process ๐Ÿ™‚ But just for the record, “We are NEVER doing this again.”


20140731_114022Stay tuned for a DIY makeover on my dresser to see what color I paint it!

2 thoughts on “We are NEVER doing this again.”

  1. HAHAHAHA. I loff you both so much. Have I mentioned that before? I was very amused, and actually laughed out loud reading this scenario.

    And I bet you paint it blue with flowers on it ๐Ÿ˜›

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