We finally got internet!

After battling with Cox for 5 days, we have internet at our place! Hooray! 
Here is our place!

20140721_120348At the house across the street, these two cuties bark at Penny every time we walk by.csWe walked around Casey’s school! 6 more days until he starts!

rrFrom the school, we walked to the greenway, 9+ miles (and growing) of continuous greenway along the Roanoke River. It has bike paths, bathrooms, a skate park, and playgrounds.

rtI LOVE the bright colorful trees along the greenway right now.

20140719_114351The river gets stocked with trout and you can go fishing!

20140721_143253Yesterday, we took Penny to the dog park. She was pretty much the only one there, and they have separate sections for big and little dogs.
fgThe dog park is in the same place as the frisbee golf park, so it was a win-win! This is a 9 hole course and we loved it! In other news, our moving truck is supposed to come today! And 16 items we ordered from Amazon are also arriving today. Our bed comes tomorrow! Yay!

3 thoughts on “We finally got internet!”

  1. So very glad you made it safely and have so much joy about your new home & community. Your house looks like I thought it would and the trees and greenery are so pretty. And fireflies! I had forgotten about them – fascinating to me when I was a child.
    Lots of Love – Jackie & Grandpa

  2. wow, how cool! it almost looks like there was a dog waiting for you on the front step when you got there….
    looks like a great place. very exciting….

  3. Holy monkies you guys… looks like a stellar road trip and a grand adventure! I always love seeing the world through your eyes. Your new neighborhood looks beautiful and you guys seem really happy there. Good luck when school starts Casey! Love and miss you both to pieces.

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