Our first day in Roanoke!


Well, we have been doing some damage at our local Target. And this is just one of our carts!

We are enjoying the area and really like our apartment. We are in a big brick duplex that has 3 levels. Casey is getting a bunch of stuff for his “man cave” in the basement and I am excited to set up my art studio upstairs. Penny is still unsure about everything and is very clingy. We are all camping out in sleeping bags until our bed is delivered next week.

10507894_286966718152603_370630679_nWe have a little creek that runs below the trees in our backyard area. AND WE GET FIREFLIES! We got some sprinkles and thunder today.

Thank you to everyone who has made an account and commented on our blog posts! It seriously makes our day and I can’t stop smiling! I love knowing that you all are interested in our lives and think about us! If you want to be able to comment, just register directly from our site-on the sidebar under the “Meta” section!

2 thoughts on “Our first day in Roanoke!”

  1. hahaha…love that picture! glad u guys got there. tried to comment before during the trip and the site rejected me. weird. but okay now i’m dialed in again. glad to hear you guys are settling in. what’s ur address again?

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