Tid Bits

A few random tid bits of info for you . . .

Casey and I have been to REI 3 times this week. Let’s just say someone needs to check Goldie’s roof for water bottles before driving away. Cough. ♥. Plus we are gearing up for our backpacking adventure in March.

I could stare at the Anthropology window displays forever. LOVE them.

Penny got to help us train a cute Cavalier King Charles Spaniel yesterday. Here she is sitting all cute past the flagged electronic boundary to act as a temptation:

My Dad and I ask each other trivia questions when we are at work. He has been stumping me a lot this week. Who would have guessed that 1 out of 50 doctors are fake?!

Casey is taking a nutrition class at SBCC this semester and he has his first test tonight!

I ate 3 donuts yesterday.

I broke out my water color paints again and am having fun playing around with them. Here is today’s doodle:

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