Oh The Things We Say . . .

Want to find out who said which weird quote? Here are the answers! It was fun seeing what you all guessed 🙂

Casey said:
#2 “I would still love you even if you only had nine toes.”
#3 “It’s not about the bike. That’s what I always say about photography.”
#4 “I feel like such a hipster. I saw Colbie Caillat before she was famous.”
#7 “Sometimes I am more tired than I could be.”
#10 “I am the snail whisperer.”

Sharell said:
#1 “That bird just ran into that life jacket trap!”
#5 “Did I rub my ear in all the way?”
#6 “I am still coughing up bubbles!”
#8 “McDonalds is giving me spiders.”
#9 “Do I have a lash in my left ball?!”

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