Taylor Swift Concert!

My parents treated Kori and I to Taylor Swift concert tickets for Kori’s 20th birthday…..and boy did we have a blast! It was an amazing show with tons of costume and set changes, dancers, crazy lighting effects, sparks, and confetti. It was a truly magical, unforgettable night. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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Ed Sheeran opened for Taylor. The crowd held up all their lights while he sang “The A Team,” and it was beautiful.st

Then it was time for Taylor, and the crowd went CRAZY!P1010665P1010680blP1010720

In the middle of the show, Ed Sheeran came back out to sing “Everything Has Changed.”spccP1010781

Jennifer Lopez was the surprise guest for the night! They sang “Jenny From the Block.”gfThank you for an amazing night!

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