What a great idea!

I love coupons and getting good deals. Some good sites that I print from include:






BUT, there is this new way of using coupons that does not require you to clip them or waste paper! They are called electronic coupons and you just save them directly onto your store card, like Safeway, for example. Once you swipe your card at the check out stand, the savings is deducted from the total if you purchased that item! How cool is that?!

These are some of these sites:




I also just discovered some sites that you can buy gift cards from! They buy gift cards or store credit from people that do not want them anymore. People can even trade unwanted cards for more desired cards if they do not want to just sell them. They guarantee the amount on the card and check it before it is sent. It is a great way to save some money on everyday or even special purchases!




They sell gift cards for many, many things. Major retailers and department stores…home improvement stores…restaurants…movie theaters…entertainment venues…hotels and car rentals, specialty stores, shoe stores, furniture stores, computer/appliance stores, ITUNES, book stores, etc.

They charge either no shipping…or very minimal shipping. What they have in stock changes from day-to-day. Two of the websites have a feature that allows you to sign up for email alerts letting you know when a particular gift card is in stock. Also, some gift cards are valid at more than one place. So if an Olive Garden gift card is a bigger discount than the Red Lobster, buy the Olive Garden one! You can maximize your savings by using these gift cards towards things that are on sale AND using coupons!

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