Our Return to CA!

A few days after Robby and Kori visited us in Georgia, we packed up the car and drove all the way across the country again. We kept our move back to CA a secret from my entire family and surprised them by walking in the door the day before Kori’s 18th birthday!

We had a good drive, all packed up in Goldie, although her thermostat broke in Oklahoma and we had to get towed and spend two nights there.

We got to spend the night in Flagstaff, AZ and really liked it. We explored several parks and loved the beautiful mountains.

I had it planned for us to skype with my family at the same time we were actually arriving home. So my family is sitting around the computer, calling me on skype, when all of the sudden, we walk through the door! They were SOOOOO shocked! Man, it was hard to keep that secret!

We plan to stay in Santa Barbara through December while Casey renews his EMT certification. Then we plan to move to Oregon or Colorado.

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