Cross Country Skiing + Blizzard Weekend

This weekend, we rented the last pairs of skis in our sizes at the local outdoor shop and came to LOVE cross country skiing!P1020272IMG_20160122_155021121 Skijoring with Penny.IMG_20160122_154540058IMG_20160122_155428138Going along the river in the parkway.P1020283Go Penny, go!IMG_20160122_151127544Always wants to fetch. Always.yfOur power luckily stayed on so we got to stay warm and cook good food!IMG_20160124_183013586_HDRshShoveling the driveway.bbIMG_20160124_081743983_HDRIcicles!P1020287Casey joined one of his doctor buddies on a 5 mile trek up to the top of Mill Mountain. P1020296Roanoke covered in powdered sugar! 😉
P1020294The famous star at the top!P1020301They headed back down through Fern park.P1020325I took Penny skijoring through our neighborhood, she loves it.IMG_20160124_192801143I think we tired her out this weekend!

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