We went and got our tree on my birthday, which was Casey’s last day of finals.

Penny loved it.


Our front door!

IMG_20151210_172157828 IMG_20151210_191359966

Dinner at the Green Goat! Yumm!

IMG_20151211_222230850Lemon-berry cheesecake from the local bakery…

We bought it to go and the cashier asked if I needed a fork. The lady behind me started to laugh. I said I didn’t need a fork. The cashier says to us all that we would be surprised at how many people can’t wait until they get home to eat their dessert!

Me: Oh I’m not waiting until I get home, I just don’t need a fork! 😀

[proceeds to go to the car and pick up the slice, whole, and take a glorious bite. ]

I keep it classy. 😉

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