Adventures in British Columbia

For about a week, I worked with my Dad on his house up in Trail, British Columbia. It was the first time I’ve ever been out of the country, and it was a blast! Canada is super awesome. I can’t wait to go back!

We had to fly into Spokane, Washington and then drive 2-3 hours North to get to Trail. Spokane was not really my favorite place ever.

We found out from my Dad’s property manager that the electricity wasn’t on, and there was no heat in the house, so we stayed the night in Spokane while we waited for that stuff to get turned on.

Heading to Canada, things got a lot prettier outside Spokane.

Made it to Trail!

The front room.

It was a *little* cold in the house, and we found out that the furnace was broken beyond repair.

The view of the Columbia River from the back balcony was pretty awesome though.

The kitchen was where we ended up sleeping–with the oven on and its door open to keep us warm. We drywalled and painted the ceiling in here.

The living room. Drywalled and painted the ceiling in here as well, plus did some patching around the fireplace. Painted the walls.

The little hallway. Painted the walls, doors, and ceiling in here.

The bathroom. When we got to the house initially, we discovered that no one had drained the toilet or put antifreeze in it, so the ceramic cracked and covered the floor with water, wrecking the linoleum and causing it to leak into the basement. So we put in a brand new toilet and new tiles for the floor. Someone had started a project tiling the shower, but hadn’t finished it, so we tore out those and put new ones in there as well.

The front bedroom. Painted the walls and ceiling in here.

The back bedroom. Painted the walls and ceiling in here as well. Notice the refrigerator on the balcony outside the window. Not really sure where that came from or why it was there.

We accomplished everything we started, but as you can tell from the leaning chimney and the chimney you can see through, the house still needs some work.

Working sucks, let’s go skiing! Here’s me skiing for the very first time!

We decided to head to the top of the mountain.

The very top! Behind me are some big maps of all the runs.

Rino’s Run.

Skiing is awesome!

Time to head home.

Back in Washington.

Back home with my cutie in Santa Barbara!

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  1. Once you started getting into Canada, the scenery just becomes picturesque! Its funny and sad that you slept in the kitchen with the oven on/open… glad you guys found a way to stay warm! Looks like a very productive trip, and I’m excited you got to go skiing! Thought you had gone before in Norcal… Glad you’re back! Nice shirts!! 🙂

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