Happy Earth Day!

I hope you all had the chance to appreciate the beauty of nature today and were able to see the world with fresh eyes. Take a walk through your neighborhood, plant new plants, sit on a bench in a park and just watch the wildlife. Take it all in and be grateful. And more importantly, make changes in how you live. Be aware of how your actions can help preserve the planet we call home. 
Stop using plastic bags at grocery stores-bring your own reusable bags. Ride a bike instead of taking the car. Recycle EVERYTHING that can be recycled. Take shorter showers. Pick up your trash. Turn off unused lights. Teach by example-others are watching (and judging you) even if you don’t know it. If we all take the extra time now to help conserve the planet, it can really make a difference for the future. 

No excuses. Even if it takes extra time. Just do it. 
Mother Earth thanks you.

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