Why hello there Mr. Snake!

Crotalus oreganus helleri – Southern Pacific Rattlesnake

Today my dad and I saved this beauty while we were at work. Someone from the construction crew was going to kill him so we stepped in and said we would take him away. We carefully scooped him up on the end of a long rake and plopped him into an empty trashcan. We taped the lid closed and took him home. After a few pictures and a good freak out from my mom, we are going to take him up into the mountains where he can not bite any dogs or people and let him go. It was a good day!

Here we are about to let him go!

I knew my snake hook would come in handy one day!


One thought on “Why hello there Mr. Snake!”

  1. Aw, what a cutie! I think this might have been the same species we saw on the herps trip, because the guy said something about Crotalus oreg– something but I wasn’t sure. He also said pacific so this is probably the same. So cool! Glad you guys saved him!

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