The Banfield Charitable Trust Silent Auction

 I was asked by a local Veterinary Hospital if I would like to donate my pet sitting services to their silent auction coming up. The event would benefit the Banfield Charitable Trust, so I happily agreed to  contribute to the cause.

The Banfield Charitable Trust works to keep pets and their people together in a variety of ways:

-Emergency and Preventative Veterinary Care Programs
-Pet Peace of Mind-allowing hospice patients to keep their pets at home
-Pet Food Program-working with Meals on Wheels to ensure pets have adequate nutrition
-Pet Advocacy Grants-helping to fund local community pet projects


20141021_145711This is what my station looked like, with my fliers all set up. I can’t wait to find out who won my prizes! 🙂

2 thoughts on “The Banfield Charitable Trust Silent Auction”

  1. This is amazing! Not only are you helping others, but they are helping you! You have an amazing business going, and this is just another way to expand. This sounds like a great cause, and I’m glad you are able to help. Your prize seems perfect for the event, too! You are amazing!!!

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