Be Real.

utOur moving truck delivered all of our crap lovely possessions.

fbWe have now explored another frisbee golf course, this time, the 9 holes at Fishburn.

20140727_102513We completed our homemade “porch potty” for Penny, which she refuses to use. We are trying every trick in the book. Send good potty vibes her way!

apt csFor our first hike, we decided to go to Catawba Mountain on the Appalachian Trail. It rained. A lot. We got wet. And we loved it.

20140727_111728If we follow this, we will end up in Maine!

The difference between Casey and I:cpOoohhh! I huge caterpillar! Can I pick it up?!

No! It might be poisonous or have sharp barbs or…

[picks it up anyways] 🙂

raWe have been to Walmart/Target/Lowe’s/Home Depot about 50 million times. Centipedes LOVE coming in our house. Casey is enjoying setting up his man cave in the basement. I bought some power tools and can’t wait to try something new with my art. Mom, I promise we are eating something besides pasta! The skeeters here are viscous. We still have no furniture except a bed and a window seat…why is it so hard to pick a coffee table?! And what was I thinking getting a white bed spread with a black dog?! We are expecting a big thunderstorm today, and Casey has his class welcome BBQ this evening. He starts school tomorrow at 7am! Woo!

The lady at Walgreens tells everyone to have a blessed day and to be real-so do it people! ♥

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