Dog park day!

We took Penny to the dog park over the weekend and she got to meet lots of dogs, including a few greyhounds, Heather and Willis! The greyhounds’ owner was telling us all about how she rescued them and now has 4! They were so cute and Penny loved them! Here are some pictures of that day:

4 Little Frogs!

Last night when we were out walking Penny, Casey noticed a frog hop in front of him! After a few more minutes on our walk, we found another one! The past week has been really hot and the frogs were in the middle of a street in a residential neighborhood, far from water. We didn’t want them to get hit by cars or dry up, so we decided to take Penny home and go search for more frogs.

After another walk around the neighborhood, we found a total of 4 frogs! We brought them home and cleaned out a cage for them, complete with pools of water, branches, leaves and rocks. They were so cute when they settled down for the night and were all sleeping on leaves and in the pools. We put a plate of meal worms in and they came right over and ate a bunch! They love flies too! We are going to release them in a pond in a few days!

Here are some pictures of them!

I believe they are Sierran Tree frogs, Pseudacris sierra. Sierran Tree Frog

Our trip to Santa Barbara!

We headed down to Santa Barbara after we went to Lee Vining and we got to visit more with family. We had a lot of fun here too-one of our best vacations!

lasagna for dinner! yum!

Kayaking in the harbor! It was so much fun! We saw sea lions, jellyfish, bat rays, crabs, anemones, and star fish!

sea lions!

my dad made the best turkey burgers!

my grandpa loved the book we made him 🙂

hiking with Tanda and Richard!

alligator lizard!

I caught a ring neck snake!

getting Blender’s after our hike

out to dinner for my dad’s birthday

sisters 🙂

lunch in the backyard

new mountain bike!!

unloading it

everyone got to ride it

going for a ride through the neighborhood

working in Santa Ynez!

yummy pulled pork sandwich!

lunch at El Rancho

Penny is ready to go to work!

Penny helped train Coco on the Dogwatch fence

the beautiful house we trained the dog at!

hiking in the park

sleeping after their baths

sleeping in the sun 🙂

Go Davis!

our snack table for Day of Caring-Beautify DP!

our muffins were still a little frozen so we tried to warm them up in the sun

pulling weeds

we got to drive the golf cart around DP and deliver snacks!

Kori and I walked around the neighborhood with balloons…

…and wrote nice messages…

…and tied them to mailboxes and fences…

…to brighten their day 🙂

Bowling for Tanda’s birthday!

Dinner at Chilis

Giraffe hat!

looking at the photo book I made her

Visiting Robby in SLO

Bike ride to UC Davis

Road trip to Auburn!

Our trip to Lee Vining!

We went to Lee Vining to visit Casey’s grandparents and family for a week in September. We helped out a lot around the house because many big projects were going on. We had so much fun visiting everyone and working on the house! It was an amazing trip!

Casey and Penny in the kitchen

running around in her backpack 🙂

ready to go pick pine nuts and go scoofin’!

we went scoofin’ through the forest

cutting fence posts on the chop saw!

getting really dirty

making our mark

our names! 9-11-10

making cement!

We rode our bikes down to the lake

the lake at sunset

First bite of Mono Cone!

new window!

We cleaned the side of the house

Supervising the job

Penny loved running up and down the hills…

…and crawling through bushes…

…and playing in the backyard

taking out the pergola

digging the hole for a fence post

the supervisor

building the fence

Casey and Nikki

Penny loved the fountain!

Playing croquet

At Hess Park

She learned to drink from a water bottle

Riding around with Penny

Mono Lake!

Running around the lake

Putting her feet in Mono Lake

Stopping for lunch

Going hiking

Happy girl with her head out the window 🙂

I caught a snake!

Casey and Papa

An eventful morning!

This morning we were awoken at 5 am by a knock on our door and a ringing fire alarm. The large dumpster in our apartment’s parking lot was on fire and someone happened to be out exercising and let us know! Luckily we live next door to the fire department! We also found out that the fire alarm shut off panel is in our water heater closet. We had both the fire fighters and the apartment manager come through our apartment to get out to our water heater closet on our patio, to try to shut off the fire alarm. What a morning!

New Friend?

Lately on our daily walks, Penny has been leading us to her new friend’s house-a cat. Yes, she met a cat last week and really likes going to visit him. The cat walks up to her and they always sniff noises and say hi.

However, tonight was a little different. The heat must have been getting to Mr. Kitty today because he did not seem to love Penny’s excitement to see him, as he normally does. Here is a video of tonight’s meeting: