we like taking pictures of nature

cherry blossoms

sunset silhouette




sleeping Bentley


I love my job!

pool time!


sleeping in the dog house

trying to secretly dig a hole

The living room in our new apartment

Our little kitchen

The kitchen table

Ang visits us! Taking a walk in the Arboretum

Pretty leaves!

One of his faves-mac n cheese and sausages

Our moving truck for moving to Davis together!

We packed it full! (And it was over 20 feet long!)

We made it to Davis, time to unpack it all

Taquitos and quesadillas

Hiking in Santa Barbara

with Kori!

Our goodbye dinner at Carlitos

Relaxing with Mandy

Leo and Sunny having a play date


BBQ in the backyard

At Tucker’s Grove Park



Man’s best friend


Sibling love

Dad and Robby

early Christmas Eve dinner

Sadie and Mandy open one of their Christmas presents!

At Universal City Walk going to see Batman in IMAX with the family

with Tanda!

Ready for dinner!

Making us Mickey Mouse pancakes!

making Mickey Mouse pancakes

Riding through the Greenbelt in Davis

Lots of mac n cheese makes for a happy Casey

Sporting our new UCD sweatshirts!

Jumping at Farren

Going to Kori’s Jr. High graduation


Levi is growing up fast!


Sunny takes a bath

Road trip!

Our first day of classes at Davis! Go Aggies!

At the beach in Santa Barbara

A finished puzzle

We got a chameleon! This is his baby cage

Baby Levi!

Changing colors

Hiking 7 Falls

The group


Look out below!

Robby jumps off!

Caught a snake 🙂

Tanda visits! Going for a bike ride

Blue tongues!

Hot chocolate and cookies

The new bird, Sunny!

on the play gym: Sunny, Ollie, Leo

We found a HUGE starfish!

A cave at the beach

Valentine’s Day

Going to see a movie

Walking the dogs at Steven’s Park

playing ball at the park


Taking pictures at the Mission’s Rose Garden on our 10 month anniversary

sunset pictures at Farren

Boat trip on Lake Cachuma

me and mom 🙂

Dissecting our fetal pig in biology lab

Lunch with the fam surrounded by aquariums!


Dad carving the turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mandy loves her doggles 🙂

Casey and his new parakeet Ollie.

Visiting UC Berkeley.

Robby graduates High School!

Robby’s Senior Prom

Watching Molly and Kori do hula in the Summer Solstice Parade!

Merry Christmas!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Our 1 year anniversary!

Hiking at 7 Falls

Kori’s Birthday dinner! 14 now!

Casey got a new job as a Medical Assistant at Sansum!

Hiking it up!

Us and Mandy Lu!

Happy Halloween!

Our spider pumpkin!

Out to eat with the Nielsen family at McLintocks!

Half way to LA! The AIDS ride: SF to LA

Riding through Santa Barbara

Picnic dinner at Haskulls Beach

Casey trying out my new road bike

Casey and Baron

Road trip to visit UC Davis for the first time!

Walking around UCD

Egg Heads!

Aggie pride!

The beautiful Arboretum-where I would be spending much of my time looking at turtles 🙂


We both decided to go to our local community college after high school to get our general education classes done before transferring to a University. Thank goodness for Political Science 101. Casey decided to sit next to me one day in class and the rest is history!

Going ice skating

Riding the surries down by the beach


Christmas on the beach

Us 🙂

Casey, Sadie and Mandy

Taking the dogs to SBCC

Working at the zoo! The blue tongued skink was the best!

big hissing cockroach!

feeding the giraffes

my little butterflies flapping their wings 🙂

snack time

story time

craft time

Eating at Cold Spring Tavern with the family

The Nielsens

Bowling for Casey’s Birthday

At the beach


All 3 teens! 19, 13, 17