Paradise Road Trip

Today my Dad and I didn’t have any DogWatch installations to do, so us girls took a road trip back into the white rock area of Paradise Rd. We headed up Trader Joes first for picnic essentials and then drove over in the late morning. It started to rain on our way over but it was not cold at all.
This beautiful spot was one of our hang out areas. Mandy loved swimming across the entire pool. Penny liked to race around the edges and jump on Mandy when she got out of the water.
We stopped to enjoy our picnic goods and then let the dogs swim and get super dirty again.
It rained about 70% of the time we were there, but it was fun hiking in the rain and watching the ripples in the water.
Mandy was the best stick-fetcher around!
I saved this little guy from certain death on the way out. He was laying in the road right where the tires of a car would have hit him. I jumped out and scooped him up RIGHT before the next car came. That was a close one! 

Crafty & Thrifty!

Kori and I recently went to Art from Scrap for the first time. It is a store that takes donations of all sorts of scrap treasures so they do not end up in the landfills. Anything from tiles, to wood, to paper, egg cartons, plastic containers, beads, shells, and the list goes on. We both got some supplies and we each spent $3. Want to see what we made?

Kori used leather samples and fabric to cover her daily agenda/school planner. How neat is that?!

I painted a scrap piece of wood and added a sea glass and wire handle. I drilled holes for marbles to let the light shine through.

Upstaged at the Beach

Today we took Penny to the beach and she had lots of fun playing fetch (no one stole her ball this time) and meeting other pups. There were a lot of dogs bounding into the water after their own toys but Penny won’t dare go near the big waves. She much prefers to go lay in the 2 inch-deep slough water near the entrance thank you very much! Goob.
We were just about to leave when this cool guy shows up and starts catching his frisbee in the air like a mad dog! He could jump SO high! He was showing off for everyone around. Check him out: