Penny Goes to an Eye Specialist


She has distichiasis, a.k.a. abnormal growth of eyelashes from glands underneath her eyelid

It causes tearing and squinting and can damage her cornea and cause vision problems if untreated

Scared on the exam table

Resting with Daddy afterwards

At the Dr.’s, they numbed her eyeballs and put drops in, stained them green to check for ulcers, and checked the pressures in her eyes. They then turned out the lights and looked at her eyes with magnifying glasses and special goggles. The Dr. said that she has about 20 lashes growing outward from underneath her lid on each eye. She also has more that are growing downward, and are more sharp, from farther back under the lids. She is on artificial tear ointment now and goes back on Monday to have surgery to get them all removed. The sharper ones have to be dissected out and the other ones have to be frozen off by performing cryosurgery. One more week and she won’t be “Little Winky” anymore!