We are moving!

As many of you know, we are moving to Georgia in January. We have 2 people lined up to take over the lease on our apartment in Davis after Casey graduates in December. We took some pictures of our apartment to show to them as they are currently in Denmark and Washington D.C. They turned out pretty good!

More Mountain Biking!

We went mountain biking today about 30 minutes away in Vacaville at a place called Lagoon Valley. It was so beautiful and a much easier ride than the last time we went riding! They had a frisbee golf course, a dog park, an archery range, a lake, picnic grounds, fields that went on forever, horse stables, and we even saw a family of deer!

Casey conquering the first hill

The view from the top

This was Casey at the top…

…and this was me at the top

Tons of open space!

Nice picnic area

My first time riding with no hands!

Next time we have to go to the dog park!

World’s Largest Corn Maze!

We started off our weekend by going to the world’s largest corn maze, located just 10 minutes away from us. It is 45 acres of mind puzzling maze, but we managed to do it all in 1.5 hours! Here is the website: coolpatchpumpkins.com

Master of the map

We made it to the first station: Ducati Island!


We made it to the second marker: Starbuck’s Station

Casey’s smart phone compass came in handy

There were TONS of caterpillars burying in the ground

I got us lost

We made it to the final station!

At “Fort Ford”

The last part!

We made it out!

Here is our map. Red is the right path we took, blue is where we got off track. We did pretty good!